Serving Your Every Need

We don’t stop at molding. Our expanded capabilities allow us to provide cost-effective solutions all under one roof. Customers have come to rely on MPI Plastics for guidance to deliver the most economical, efficient, and robust solutions ensuring sustainability, growth, and success to each of our valued customers.

Secondary Services:

  • Assembly – As an essential look forward, we can often times develop our tooling to assist with an assembly process leveraging our experience and out of box approach.
  • Heat Staking – Another part of our molding process, heat staking allows us to localize a feature on a plastics part to be melted as a method to fix one part to another.
  • Degating – This service introduces a cluster of parts into a secondary station to have attached gates removed from each as needed. In a solution minded approach, we have designed an in-mold de-gating system for round flash stye gates, saving the cost of secondary tooling and associated labor.
  • Custom Packaging – Working closely with our packaging partners, we provide customer packaging solutions for each project to ensure safe storage and transportation.
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