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Next Plastic Molding Project

We are committed to offering the most cost-effective injection molded products within the plastics industry. Combining our knowledge of tooling and plastics allows MPI Plastics to team with our customers to create a high-quality, robust plastics solution.

Our 15,500 square-foot facility having as press range from 75ton through 800ton allow MPI Plastics the flexibility to perform a variety of injection molded projects. We specialize but not limited to working with plastics such as: Polypro, Polycarb, Acetal, ABS, TPU, TPE, & Nylons.

What is injection molding:

A pelletized thermoset plastic of a variety of specification. Each material is processed through strict processing guidelines to ensure the end products stability, dimensional accuracy, and property consistency providing each project optimum results.

Molding Services

  • Production
  • Prototype
  • Service
  • Over-Molding
  • Insert-Molding
  • Transfer or reshoring projects
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